The Construction Site - Grilled Cheese in Toronto

Sep 01

Where or where……?

Hola Chiz Heads!!

Summer?……..Anyone?  I usually switch into summer mode May 24.  This year summer seemed to lay dormant in me until the actual beginning of summer - June 21.  And now it’s over!

Both our locations will be closed on Labour Day.

We hope you all have a great long weekend and look forward to seeing you Tuesday, September 3rd.

Aug 26

The Caprese

Hola Chiz Heads!  (we suggest you activate the smell-o-vision for this one ;-)

Our Caprese is a simple translation of the classic Italian salad from Capri with seasoned fresh plum tomatoes.  Instead of mozzarella, we use a semi-soft bocconcini cheese with a delicate taffy texture & sweet aroma.   


…Instead of using fresh basil, we use a fresh pesto that’s made with sunflower seeds, not pine nuts (some would frown upon such a bastardization of Pesto, but it allows us the luxury of not requiring epinephrine on site at all times).


….Finish with our balsamic reduction. 


Whenever this sammy is grillin’, the place smells like a pizza parlour.  It’s pretty cool.

Aug 22

The Reuben

The Reuben we serve breaks from tradition a wee bit in that we do not add any of either Russian or Thousand Island dressings before grilling - the dijon we serve on the side has got just the vicious kick needed to cut the saltiness of the meat and chiz, but be careful, if you add too much, it will nip at your nasolacrimal duct - of course, no one will know that the resulting tears are not from sorrow, but rather from your elation, awe and pleasure :-))

The key to success with this sandwich is the juiciness of the meat - if it is dry, the whole sammie will go Slammy!  Right on it’s face.  The added parmesan crust gives our Reuben that extra cheezy kick it requires.  With the vast a varied opinions i’ve heard regarding pickles, I’ll only say that we are proud of the ones in our keep. 


Shaved Corned Beef (4oz.) & Swiss Cheese & Saeurkraut & Parmesan-crusted Rye Bread & Pickle …


With a side of our Spicy Dijon Mustard and some of our warm Rosemary and Garlic seasoned chips.

Neither a Lithuanian-born grocer, the owner of the Blackstone Hotel, nor the German owner of a NY Deli would be disappointed in the Reuben we serve.

Aug 15

The Construction of Roco’s Taco

In the Raw!   Taco filling of red & jalapeno peppers, red onion & grilled chicken breast.    

(Mezcle todos los ingredientes!)  Taco Flling, Jalapeno Havarti, Pizza Bianca Loaf.

Take it to the grill with parmesan cheese…..One Time!

Jalapeno Havarti & Taco Filling on Bread crusted with seasoned Potato Chips… & now back to the grill…Two Times!  (Jump Back!  Kith mythelf!)

Roco’s Taco was inspired by a restaurant I frequent in Florida.  The music is always loud and the guacamole always fresh!  Much like this Grilled Chiz, it’s never a dull time, however, I’m considering making it with a 12” flour tortilla wrap and adding some avocado……..or maybe quacamole as a side dip……….

Aug 14

The Wake’n Bacon

Sliced English Muffin (outside-in) coated with panko bread crumb and parmesan cheese :-)

The Bacon!

The Chiz Pliz!

Let’s Go to the Grill!!

Bringing it Home….

The complete package…………Wake’n Bacon

An inside out English Muffin coated with parmesan and panko, grilled with aged cheddar and pemeal bacon.  With your choice of house seasoned chips or house salad and side dipping sauce.

Jul 19

Open Sesame!

Chiz Heads,

Your Fortress of Grilled Cheese Solitude at 2200 Yonge St is OPEN.  All is calm in the world again.

Hope to see you. 

Jul 18

Locked Out!!

Hello Chiz Heads,

REGRETFULLY,  we the staff of The Constuction Site have been unable to gain access to our Younge St location today due to a broken lock.  Our landlord has been unable to gain access as well :-(  Although we have called a locksmith and wait patiently for their arrival, I would like to take the time to apologize to all our loyal customers for the inconvenience.  We will have the problem rectified as soon as humanly possible.  

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.

Jun 18

New Menu Items

Hola Chiz Heads,

We are gradually rolling out some new menu items!  Presently, we have added some familiar grilled cheese as permanent items:  

The Caprese :  made on French White bread with fresh cut boconccini cheese and plum tomatoes, our homemade basil pesto (we make it with sunflower seeds for all you with allergies to nuts), and a balsamic reduction.  An authentic version of the fresh salad everyone loves so much.

The Joe Carter : made on Pizza Bianca Loaf with marinated steak, sauteed red onions and roasted red peppers, mozzarella, provalone and parmesan cheeses.

The Reuben :  made on Dark Rye Bread with 4oz. of hot corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss and parmesan cheeses.  We serve this with a pickle and spicy dijon mustard.

Roco’s Taco :  diced chicken breast, red onion, jalapeno and red peppers, with jalapeno havarti and parmesan cheeses, wrapped in a 12” flour tortilla and crusted with potato chips seasoned with rosemary and garlic.

The Miss Piggy :  we braise our pulled BBQ pork in Cane Cola!  Blend it with scallions and peppers, aged cheddar and parmesan cheeses, wrapped in a 12” flour tortilla.

5-cheese Macaroni & Cheese!  a 12oz. bowl of our homemade macaroni and cheese.

Lobster Mac & Cheese!

Soon we will have a broader selection of salads that you’ll be able to order by the box:

Greek/ Caesar/ House/ Caprese.

Hope to see you soon!!

Apr 21

Chiz Heads!
At our Yonge & Eglinton local, we’re serving our 5-cheese Maccaroni & Cheese in 12oz portions now!!  Yummy!!  

Chiz Heads!

At our Yonge & Eglinton local, we’re serving our 5-cheese Maccaroni & Cheese in 12oz portions now!!  Yummy!!  

Feb 27

The Future is Now

Hola Chiz Heads!

It’s been awhile….  Quiet your Hurried Lives!  Serenity Now! 

Much to catch up on so please read on…  

With the recent meteor exploding in our atmosphere and asteroid near misses, it seems appropriate to mention that TCS has successfully completed a second TRIP AROUND THE SUN with our Sherway Gardens location!  

Our second location in Etobicoke (Sherway Gardens) celebrated it’s first anniversary on Feb. 13, 2013.   

Brief celebrations aside, it’s time for TCS to get down to the sticky business of forging “The Yellow Steel” to build cutting edge grilled cheese (kinda literally if there’s such a thing).  As the story goes.. .. .. when TCS first opened it’s doors, CHIZ HEADS gathered in large numbers and we recognized the opportunity for collaboration by allowing you to play an integral role in designing our Menu; each week we would run a Feature that was designed by one of our cherished customers (and sometimes fellow Chiz Head).  The ridiculously successful collaboration allowed us to build a large archive of grilled chiz recipes - we even fell behind and are still drawing up the blueprints for some!   

Now I NEED YOUR HELP!!  GCAW(grilledchizatwork) is reaching out to all present TCS followers and asking YOU to submit ideas you’ve had about your PERFECT GRILLED CHIZ.  Nothing shall be disqualified as undoable or ridiculous until we have proven it to be so in our Grilled Chiz “Mythbuster” Test Kitchen.  

The grilled chiz chosen to start the program will come from the list created by your submissions.  I’m hoping to get this program going quickly…wink,wink,nudge,nudge